Creating a system that can fully meet the needs of clients starts even before the design stage. It’s about choosing the right technology for each specific need.


FAMA Fluidynamik, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry is costantly updated on the latest techonology and follows clients during every step of the process up to the complete creation of the system to fully meet their needs.

Why choose us?

Single Supplier/Partner for all the systems installed and to be installed

Preliminary expert consultancy service on the construction of centralised systems.

Consultancy service to install systems and pipse in the plant

Design and professional support for systems

Bespoke solutions based on the client's needs

Systems installed by highly qualified personnel

24-hour full technical support

Training provided for the client's personnel

Turnkey systems with constant monitoring (every 6/12 months – 1/2 twice a year)

Our filtration systems

Guaranteed filtration and micro filtration

Resilient systems against chemicals

Highly durable over time

Years without the need for maintenance of the tanks

With no surveillace filters, paper filters, candles and fabrics

Increased evacuation from the micro-chip system and dregs

Optimisation of performance and consumption of the coolant

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